A narrative about a wounded guy

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A narrative about a wounded guy

Whatsapp I am standing in the St.

At a Glance

Regis hotel lobby and while it is not a particularly hot evening I am sweating profusely. I hate sweating before a job. I casually lift my arm and observe a puddle growing on my ill-fitting boxy dress shirt.

They were ugly and outdated even then, but I put them on anyway and now I feel awkward. A bead of sweat rolls down my back, into my khaki dress pants and right into my ass crack. She told me to be here at six p.

It is now six-fifteen and not a word from her. I start to text her on my cheap, pay-as-you-go Nokia phone when it vibrates in my hand: My friend is with me. It all just seems suspicious and by this point I am half-convinced it is really a covert operation to bust me. Several men and women in power suits look my way.

Oh wait…I am Owen today.

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She changed my name, I forgot. I plaster a smile on my face, turn back, and wave. Everything is moving in slow motion, like a hair commercial with a fan blowing on her as she runway-walks toward me.

She smells of perfume and hair product. Just beyond her head I see her accomplice in tow. I suspect at one point he did a lot of heavy lifting and has since taken a desk job, his muscles softened from hard chiseled rocks into round masses.

His head is shaved, giving him a tough look, like Mr. Clean in a well-tailored suit. The masculine authority in his walk sends my mind into a tizzy and I begin to think that this is really it; I am getting arrested. I start going over the two phone numbers I tried to memorize before the gig in case I need to call someone from prison.

My mind is going blank. I feel my shirt turn damp again as Stacy places her hand on the small of my back. He will be joining us.

A narrative about a wounded guy

He slowly moves his meaty hand from out of his suit pocket and I nearly faint as I envision a pair of hard metal cuffs falling out of his paw and wrapping around my boney wrists. No badge, no cuffs. I extend my hand to meet his.

I feel his firm grip as his brawny hand envelops mine. He looks into my eyes and gives me a warm smile. I melt even more and am beginning to become one with all the liquid being released through my pores.

All this imagined danger, combined with his beefy hand and his tailored suit—while I may still be getting busted, I am totally turned on.

He gets too close for comfort, then forces me to the ground. We start making out and wrestling on the hard marble floor of the hotel lobby as he tries to cuff me while simultaneously taking off my pants.

The male patrons all look on with boners… Stacy interrupts the moment. I am brought back to reality, still holding his hand.

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He releases it after a squeeze and another smirk. I start to examine her from behind to see if there is anything that looks mildly suspicious: Dear Josh, I am a female.

I have a client who will be staying at the St. Regis in a couple weeks. I am looking for someone to join us to interact with him and possibly another male. Compensation will be very good.The Spectacular Now and the Problem With Geek Girls on Film.

Geek in guys is often a whole narrative and character in itself, wounded guy in the spotlight, and a supportive, forgiving. I walked past the stage and sat down at the bar, the neon lights illuminating my pink teddy, shadowed eyes, and crimson lips.

A narrative about a wounded guy

I ordered my first drink of the night and took inventory of the club. There were a few listless customers scattered around, hunching over bar stools, and a dancer circling the pole.

On spring break in , an Ohio State med student vanished into thin air. A decade later, his friends and family are still aching for answers.

A narrative about a wounded guy

Fender Rhodes: The Piano That Changed the History of Music. To find the origin of the Rhodes piano, we must go back to WW II when Harold Rhodes got .

My Curious and Chaotic Life With America’s Wounded Warriors With more than a million Americans injured in Iraq and Afghanistan, a physical therapist reflects on a decade of deferred dreams and rousing recovery at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

In Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, historian Dee Brown uses the massacre at Wounded Knee Creek as a backdrop for his examination of race relations between whites and Native Americans. He details.

Fender Rhodes: The Piano That Changed the History of Music