A night to remember with the la orquestra salmerum

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A night to remember with the la orquestra salmerum

They dream of school ending. They dream of staying up late and sleeping in. But they also dream of video games and television. In fact, on average, children spend nearly 3 hours out of every day watching TV.

And that's just an average. When school ends and they have more time in the day, that temptation increases. An even more alarming statistic is that only half of kids between ages 12 and 21 exercise regularly. Now that the regular exercise of gym class has been removed from your child's weekly schedule, it's even more important that you incorporate exercise at home.

And summer is the ideal time to start an exercise routine that the whole family can enjoy and take part in. As families across the country get ready to head into the lazy days of summer, the information below can help keep your children — and family — happy, healthy and active.

Physical Benefits of Exercise We all know that kids can benefit from exercise, but what specifically does it do for them?

The answer may be more than you expect.

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Regular exercise can help kids: Control weight and body fat Build healthy bones, muscles and joints Increase strength and endurance Reduce the risk of high-blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease later in life Fall asleep quickly and sleep better Improve appearance Mental Benefits of Exercise In addition to the physical aspects, exercise can have a number of positive mental and emotional benefits for children, including: Reducing anxiety, tension and pessimism Increasing confidence and self-esteem Having a more positive outlook on life Better handling of the emotional and physical challenges in life Fostering teamwork, leadership and friendships Three Elements of Fitness Basically, there are three elements to physical fitness and exercise: Strength Endurance Flexibility Often, strength training is thought of in terms of weight lifting, but that's not the only way to help build strength.

Children can improve their strength through a variety of exercises, such as push-ups, crunches, pull-ups and more. More importantly, children can get the same strength benefits from everyday games and activities that incorporate these types of exercises into play.

For example, climbing trees works many of the same muscles as pull-ups. Handstands, wrestling games, monkey bars and more can provide valuable — but fun — ways to strengthen muscles and joints. Endurance is also a key element.

While strength training builds strong muscles, endurance helps strengthen the heart and improves the flow of oxygen into cells. The best way to improve endurance is to take part in regular aerobic exercise. The good news — that can be accomplished in a number of ways.

Jogging, biking and walking are just some ideas. Children can also improve endurance by dancing, jumping rope, playing tag, skateboarding, inline skating and so on. Any activity that gets children moving — that gets their hearts beating faster and their breathing flowing harder — can help children improve their endurance.

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A night to remember with the la orquestra salmerum

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Concert Report: La Orquestra Salmerum This concert was part of the Brazos Valley Worldfest, taking place at Wolf Pen Creek. The portion of the concert that I attended included Salsa dance lessons form a group called Salsa Fusion, and a concert following by La Orquestra Salmerum.

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A night to remember with the la orquestra salmerum
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