Amusement park business plan template

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Amusement park business plan template

Construction began on the park in Edgar and his business partner, Bill Rothfuss, built a bathhouse, a restaurant, dance hall and a bridge crossing the abandoned Miami-Erie Canal that passed through the property linking the parking lot and the park.

They also constructed a concrete bottom in the man-made lake for swimming.

amusement park business plan template

Admission was 10 cents per person, 25 cents for swimming and 10 cents for a jitney dance per couple. LeSourdsville Lake was open for business and attracting thousands of area residents. Edgar constructed the first of several "vacation" cabins surrounding the lake and platforms for camping tents.

Within two years, Edgar stopped hosting dances at the park due to numerous fights that occurred on a regular basis. Admission prices, food prices and employee wages were cut.

Just before the park was to open for the season, an accidental fire destroyed the bathhouse. Edgar was desperate to rebuild a new bathhouse before the park opened in May.

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He went to the Middletown Lumber Company and solicited the assistance of a personable and talented draftsman, Don Dazey. On May 30, the park opened with a new bathhouse. Dazey convinced Edgar that dances could be successful without the fighting and melee that plagued the park in earlier years.

Don constructed Stardust Gardens next door to the bathhouse. Don also solicited area companies to hold their picnics at the park and began an important tradition that continued until the park closed.

Edgar also added two toboggan water slidesa waterwheel, seven diving boards, and a foot 6. The coaster was rebuilt and named "The Cyclone. Inthe park added The Whip and a Ferris wheel to its thrill ride line-up.

Edgar also built a new front entrance and added a section of new midway near the entrance to The Cyclone. Intwo stream-lined trains were added to The Cyclone and a kiddie racing car ride was installed. On July 4, the park celebrated its largest one-day turnout in its history when 30, came through the front gate.

Major improvements were visible as LeSourdsville Lake opened its season.Dreamland Aqua Park is one of the latest and the largest water theme park in Umm Al Quwain UAE, Dreamland Aqua Park a unique water park, Dreamland Aqua Park is the only one water theme park with a spectacular volcano show, Dreamland Aqua Park has overnight waterside camping facilities, Dreamland Aqua Park have both wet and dry rides, kamikaze water slide UAE, kids aqua play UAE, .

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