An analysis of the american architectural styles in the 1800s

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An analysis of the american architectural styles in the 1800s

Scroll down to browse the glossary, or press the button below to open the search window At that time, we felt that the nature of research in urban morphology was developing rapidly, as were contacts with like-minded scholars in several countries.

The volume of published research was increasing. It was becoming evident that a lack of knowledge of the terminology used in different countries was an increasing obstacle to understanding what was being published.

Choay and Merlin Everyone seemed to be discussing something different and there was very little common ground or methodological base, quite apart from language problems.

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This, however, is one of the strengths of morphology. Hence we compiled a basic glossary of technical terms common principally in English-language studies.

We took as a basis M. We felt it necessary, rather as the Oxford English Dictionary does, to give precise citations and indeed quotations from works which have used particular terms in particular ways, to establish context and provenance for usage.

It has been found particularly useful for students and those new to the subject - but they and all other users should be aware of its limitations! Any comments, suggestions, new terms and definitions are very welcome please e-mail peter.

This morphological period dominated central Europe for some years, and resulted in the foundation of a number of new towns, typically with palaces in Baroque or Rococo styles.

For the example of Koblenz in this period, see von der Dollen Accretion - Conzenian terminology "A peripheral addition to the built-up area of a town generally consisting of a non-traditional plan- unit and forming a component of either a residential integument or a fringe belt" Conzen,p.

Adaptive redevelopment - Conzenian terminology A redevelopment of a plot, or series of plots, within the existing street system without the introduction of new streets Conzen,pp. Addition - fabric change SEE: The addition of floorspace to an existing building; extension.

Additive processes - Conzenian terminology A sequence of activities whereby new forms are created at the outer edges of an urban area Whitehand [Ed.

Contrast with transformative processes. Aesthetic control - planning terminology Control over details such as the external appearance of new building by the local planning authority Punter, b; Punter offers a working definition of the term as "that aspect of the regulation of development that seeks to control the physical attributes and uses of new buildings, and the spaces between them, so as to ensure a rewarding sensuous experience for the public who use the environment thus created Punter,p.

Recent Department of the Environment guidance is that local planning authorities should not exert such control, except in special circumstances such as in conservation areas Department of the Environment, ; Punter, a.

Some morphological studies eg Callis, use it in a general sense. Agent of change Term used to denote all those active in the process of built-fabric change eg Whitehand and Whitehand, This term is translated in Catalan as agent de canvi Vilagrasa, Agricultural residual - Conzenian terminology Areas of agricultural land that have become surrounded by urban development.

These often form part of the, usually open, middle and outer fringe belts or the intervening residential integuments Conzen,pp.


Alley - street type Small lane; SEE: Usually terraced; facilities often cramped and poor by current standards. Many groups survive in smaller British towns and some larger villages. Close parallel to the German Sozialwohnungen. Amenity group - agent of change Group, often of local individuals but also including national bodies such as the Georgian Group, Victorian Society, Civic Trust etc.

In Britain, the rise in numbers and menbership of amenity groups follows the formation of the Civic Trust in ; their significance in terms of public consultation in the planning process follows the Skeffington Report on Public participation in planning Main characteristic is the use of several textures, contrasting brickwork with weatherboarding, tile-hanging, and rendering; and often the use of pantiles rather than plain tiles Edwards,p.

Apartment A dwelling within a block of similar dwellings. For research purposes, more usually known as the initiator of a planning proposal. Arcade - architectural term - building type 1 Series of arches carried by columns, pilasters or similar.

May be free-standing; if attached to a wall as a decoration, known as a blind arcade. Architect - agent of change This is a complex category. For various minor works, plans may be prepared by builders, shopfitters, or even by the manufacturers of shop signs and prefabricated buildings.

For some planning applications, for example outline applications and applications for material change of use, an architectural drawing is not required and a block plan alone suffices.Archeology. The International History Project.

Date Archeology is the scientific study of past human culture and behavior, from the origins of humans to the present.

An analysis of the american architectural styles in the 1800s

The Hollywood Reporter is your source for breaking news about Hollywood and entertainment, including movies, TV, reviews and industry blogs. Glossary. This glossary (listed below) was compiled by Peter Larkham and Andrew Jones in the late s, first as an internal discussion paper at the the University of Birmingham, and subsequently published as a Research Monograph by the Historical Geography Research Group of the Institute of British Geographers (ISBN 1 08 4).

Victorian-era architecture was emblematic of the new American ingenuity and prosperity. Italianate Style During the s when the Victorian era was just gearing up, . Architectural Styles any buildings constructed in Manitoba during the 19 th and 20 centuries bear the imprint, or at least the influence, of certain architectural styles or traditions.

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