Business report for qantas

Which are the top 10 airlines in the world in ? A total of 20 major airlines in Asia and Oceania flying to and from the US were reviewed. Other major findings in the study stated the four-engine Airbus A was not fuel-efficient over long distances, while low oil prices had a detrimental impact on airlines investing in new planes, as well as on manufacturers producing a new generation of aircraft.

Business report for qantas

Business report for Qantas Essay Sample

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Business report for Qantas Essay Sample 1. The main focus of this report is to identify the legal classification, the characteristics, the life cycle stage of Qantas and one internal and external stakeholder that is affected by the activates of Qantas.

The legal classification describes that Qantas is a public company and has changed its legal classification in the growth and maturity stages of the business life cycle. The business life cycle is explained and gives reason why Qantas is in the renewal stage of post maturity. There is also description of one internal and external stakeholder and what duties Qantas has to them.

Queensland and Northern territory aerial service QANTAS limited is a public company that operates all over the world, but has not always been a public company. In Qantas became a public business enterprise a company owned and operated by the government when it was purchased by the Australian Government as there was a monopoly market.

To this day Qantas is still a public company. Qantas is commonly known as a passenger airline but the do more then just transport people all over the world. Passenger transport is the core business but they have diversified into freight and also in flight catering selling Qantas products inside the aero plane.

Therefore Qantas can be in both aviation and freight industrial classifications. Qantas is found in the tertiary sector.

Business report for qantas

The tertiary sector is the name given to businesses that provide consumers a service. Qantas provide consumers with a form of transport, which is a service. A business life cycle is a model that shows the stages in which a business can experience through growth and development.

The business cycle can be easily explained using a diagram: The second being growth where a business is trying to increase sales which can help a business grow through diversification, merge or takeover. If this occurs a company way try to improve there product through innovation or try to lower costs and there fore be able to lower the cost of their product.


The last stage of the business lifecycle is post maturity where a company has four options: Steady State — this will come about if a business does not change there goals when going from maturity to post maturity.

Decline — for decline to come about a business would find that profits will start to decline as their products become out dated or obsolete and if changes are not made, the business may be forced to close down cessation Cessation — occurs when a business is shut down by its owner on purpose, voluntary cessation or if a company can not pay its creditors it may be forced into involuntary cessation During each stage there are new challenges faced by the owners and mangers of companies.

During these times of change business may have to change its orgainsation, operation and its nature to deal with the challenges of each stage in the business life cycle.

For business to be successful they must constantly develop and change strategies to deal with the growth of the business or the life of the business may be cut short.

Business Life Cycle Stage: Qantas is in the post maturity stage and are trying to renew in the business life cycle. The boards of directors are implicating new strategies to help Qantas renew in the post maturity stage.

Continuing to encourage sales to Qantas. Expanding its travel, catering and freight divisions to protect it from the peaks and troughs of its core airline business. Seeking mutually beneficial partnerships with other quality airlines Segmenting its flying business to align costs and revenues in particular markets.

The introduction of low cost airlines, such as Jetstar, Australian airlines and jet Connect. In the renewal stage of the business life cycle a company may have to face many problems that can affect weather the company is renewed, weather it declines or worse if the company will close down.

Some problems that a business may face are: Anticipated sales may not come about due to inaccurate forecasts, poor timing or inappropriate marketing strategies Employees may become worried about the restructuring and have to deal with constant change. The reasons for changes are not communicated clearly.

A degree of inertia can hold back the renewal The acceptance of change may not be the same for all employees. These problems have to be overcome to avoid decline in the post maturity stage of the business cycle.Qantas Business Report Qantas’ financial performance has been very successful in recent years with the business recovering strongly from GFC and a large decrease in revenue to ear million in - Qantas Business Report introduction.

Qantas Money offers the Qantas Premier Credit Card and the Qantas Money app, designed to reward you with Qantas Points. Cathay Pacific Airways lagged behind peers in fuel efficiency on average while Australia’s Qantas Airways, using older Bs and the As, was ranked the most polluting, a study by an American.

Business Report Executive Summary Qantas’ financial performance has been very successful in recent years with the business recovering strongly from GFC and a . Discover the Qantas Premier Credit Card - a new rewards credit card packed with travel benefits and much more for Qantas Frequent Flyers.

Compare and apply today. Qantas, as a major airline company in Australia, has to take into account numerous factors such as increasing competitors or new legislation, and management has had to respond by making the business more flexible and adaptable to these changes to ensure the future profitability of the business.

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