Capstone sample

What makes this course interesting? Investigate real-world topics of your choosing from multiple perspectives, which often are different or competing.

Capstone sample

From these meetings, one of the teams, Team Titans, created the following background for the project: However, choosing the right hardware to meet certain performance requirements is difficult to gauge. It can also be very costly to a company if servers are underperforming, or if they are paying too much for what they need.

The solution then allows users to replay this workload on an alternative database configuration and Capstone sample corresponding metrics.

Each team was able to move forward with the year-long project Capstone sample help from AWS and Dr. Janzen along the way. The first eleven weeks of the year focused on software requirements. Here, students learned software requirements elicitation, analysis, and documentation.

In teams, students focus on software architectural design and prototyping. They reviewed team process infrastructure and resource estimation to support appropriate levels of quality.

In the following ten weeks, the focus moved towards building the product in the class. Teams focused on software development process models, software design, documentation, quality assurance during development, software unity and integration testing while applying CASE tools.

They also focused on development environments, security best practices, test tools, continuous integration, and configuration management. In the final ten weeks, teams focused on deploying the software and learned about software maintenance, deployment, economic issues, version control, defect tracking, and technical support.

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Each of the five capstone teams implemented a solution to the problem in their own way with a wide variety of tools, technologies, and architectures. The source code is available on GitHub.

This solution was built with several use cases in mind, each at a different scope. These captures and replays are independent programs that can also be run from the command line.

Users can interact with MyCRT at various levels. Most find enough functionality through the GUI client, but there are more options for advanced users. Lil Bobby Tables also implemented a concept called environments. The capture starts by turning on the MySQL general log.

Capstone sample

The capture continues this cycle until it is told to stop, which can be done manually or set to some duration. At this point, users have access to the captured workload and all of the CloudWatch metrics that are gathered.

The replay steps through the given workload, and reproduces MySQL queries on the target database. Like the collection of capture metrics, the replay also periodically gathers metrics to dump in S3. Metrics are displayed in a graph like the one here and the user can choose which metrics they want to view.

Capstone sample

If they want to perform a more detailed analysis on the metrics files, all of the data is stored in raw JSON on S3.

Environments are an extra layer of organization. They allow multiple users and teams within the same organization to perform captures and replays without sharing their data with other users. At the same time, environments isolate users to the captures and replays that they care about, thus making the whole process much smoother.You will be assessed through a combination of individual and team projects and presentations as well as through a written exam.

AP Seminar is the first of two courses in the AP Capstone™ program. AP Research is the second course.

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Here is where your skill and learning will culminate. The capstone project is your opportunity to apply the tools from the core curriculum to a real-world business challenge.


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