Hr project on motivation

In most organizations, it is common to hear the refrain that a particular employee is not motivated and hence his or her performance has taken a backseat. This is the reason companies spend humungous amounts of money in arranging for training sessions and recreational events to motivate the employees. Motivation can be understood as the desire or drive that an individual has to get the work done. For instance, when faced with a task, it is the motivation to accomplish it that determines whether a particular individual would complete the task according to the requirements or not.

Hr project on motivation

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HR Project on Motivation | Management Paradise

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Response about the support from the HR department 32 4.

Hr project on motivation

The type of incentives motivates more 34 4. Job Security existing in the company 36 4. Effective performance appraisal system 38 4. Support from the co-worker is helpful to get motivated 41 4. The type of incentives motivates more 33 4.

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Shahid kv Kindly fill the following: Please put a tick mark in the appropriate box 1. Are you satisfied with the support from the HR department? Management is really interested in motivating the employees?

Strongly agree Agree Neutral DisagreeStrongly disagree 3. Which type of incentives motivates you more? Financial incentives Non-financial incentives Both 4.

How far you are satisfied with the incentives provided by the organization? Please provide the following rates.

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Performance appraisal activities are helpful to get motivated Support from the co-worker is helpful to get motivated Company recognize and acknowledge your work 6.

Rank the following factors which motivates you the most? Rank 1, 2, 3, 4…. Do you think that the incentives and other benefits will influence your performance?


Influence Does not influence No opinion 8. Does the management involve you in decision making which are connected to your department? What changes can be made to improve the work place environment?

Thank you for your kind co-operation Related Essays.HR Performance Issues and Motivation BUS Organizational Behavior December 3, HR Performance Issues and Motivation Motivation is a driving force that starts, maintains, and stops behaviors.

A sense of achievement, recognition, enjoyment of the job, promotion opportunities, responsibility, and the chance for personal growth are . Martin Barraud/Caiaimage/Getty Images Motivation is the most powerful emotion that employees bring to work each day.

The manager's commitment to motivating employees through shared vision and communication is the fundamental skill that great managers bring to the workplace. People consider it to be a personal trait – that ia some have it some don’t.

In practice inexperienced managers often label people who lack motivation as lazy. But it isn’t true. What we know is that motivation is the result of the interaction of the individual and the situation.

Individuals 5/5(7). Employee motivation total project 1. EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION SSIET,MBA, Page 1 HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT INTRODUCTION: Human Resource Management (HRM) is a relatively new approach to managing people in any organisation.

Hr project on motivation

Project Report on Motivation Level of Employees or Employees Motivation Certificate This is to certify that the research project report entitled “Motivation Level of Employees” has worked on Final Year Student of MBA under my supervision. It is for this reason that the HR managers stress on the employees having high levels of motivation to get the job done.

There are many theories of motivation and the ones being discussed here are the Herzberg’s hygiene theory, Maslow’s need hierarchy theory, and McGregor Theory X and Theory Y.

Importance of Motivation in Human Resource Development (HRD)