Marketing research whitepapers

The old-school definition comes from politics, where it means a legislative document explaining and supporting a particular political solution. In tech, a whitepaper usually describes a theory behind a new piece of technology.

Marketing research whitepapers

Advertising Research by Jerry W. Thomas A growing share of consumer-goods media spending is shifting away from traditional advertising media television, radio, print, and outdoor.

Marketing Research Library The top resource for free Marketing research, white papers, reports, case studies, magazines, and eBooks. Could your marketing efforts use a little kick? Are you looking to capture more leads, convert them to sales, and score more revenue? Research; Whitepapers; Upcoming & Recent Webinars; Google Analytics A Buyer’s Guide; Google, the EU, and Comparative Shopping Services: Minefields (and Opportunity) Everywhere! AMA's library contains a wide variety of white papers that can help guide readers to understand complex marketing strategies, solve a problem, or make a decision. Presented by leading marketing companies and contributors these papers cover marketing topics from social media, branding, research to advertising, direct marketing and CRM.

The proliferation of new media alternatives online advertising, YouTube, social media, mobile, search engines, apps, etc. New Media Traditional media are also suffering from a long-term trend toward promotional expenditures consuming a larger share of the marketing budget.

Many consumer-goods companies are spending less on advertising in total, as their executives strive to please Wall Street with improved short-term profits. This decline of traditional media advertising in many consumer-goods companies is creating an opportunity for companies that appreciate the power of traditional advertising.

Social media, online, search, and mobile advertising all grab the headlines and attract marketing executives like moths to the flame, but we should not be dazzled or awed by the new media.

Indeed, we would argue that mastery of the traditional media—especially television, radio, and outdoor advertising is a far wiser strategy than aggressive pursuit of the new media. Media Choices The most important concept is strategic-investment spending in media advertising.

Think of media advertising as the long-range artillery of marketing. A brand may have to take financial losses for a year or two while it builds awareness, tells its story, and crafts a brand image.

This is the price of marketing success. Media choice is a daunting task in a world of infinite media choice, so here are some guidelines. Thusly defined, television advertising is still the gold standard and the most effective of all media for consumer products.

Television commercials have the greatest impact and tend to move awareness numbers up swiftly—with sufficient media weight. Generally, the equivalent of GRPs Gross Rating Points per week is the lower limit of spending level if you hope to see measurable increases in advertising awareness.

Also, television commercials like all advertising would be more effective if a higher share were tested among consumers before airing.

Radio Advertising Radio commercials can be as effective as television commercials, based on sales return per dollar spent on media.

Advertising Research

However, radio commercials seldom achieve their true potential because they tend to be inferior to television commercials in content and production quality.

Typically, radio budgets are much less than television, and radio commercials are rarely tested among consumers. If you plan to use radio, pretest the commercials to make sure they work.

Print Advertising Print advertising tends to work more slowly than television or radio.

Marketing research whitepapers

Therefore, an especially long period of time or an especially heavy media schedule is required to fully evaluate the total effects of print advertising. Print is an important arrow in the media quiver, however, because a share of the population tends to be heavy readers.

Outdoor Advertising Outdoor advertising also called out-of-home or OOH is especially effective as an advertising medium, if used properly.

First, the message must be a on strategy and b expressed in few words. Outdoor advertising is great at extending or reinforcing the key theme of a television or radio campaign. If some of the visual elements and the key theme of a television or radio campaign can be condensed and shown via outdoor advertising, the awareness-build of television can be accelerated.

Outdoor advertising can add a visual element to a radio campaign e. Social Media Advertising Social media continues to grow in importance and reach. Its ultimate value as an advertising media remains to be seen. Ads and commercials intended for online delivery or social media distribution operate by the same rules as all other advertising.

Television-testing techniques, for example, can be applied to commercials that look like television commercials, regardless of where those commercials are aired. Static banner ads are similar to print ads and can be evaluated by those metrics.

Many social media and online ads and commercials fall in between these extremes, and require some adjustments in measuring techniques. Strategy Advertising is primarily a strategic weapon, as previously noted. Its total effects must be evaluated in the context of years, not weeks or months.

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Advertising cannot compete with sales-promotion and direct-marketing activities in generating short-term sales effects. But in the long term, the cumulative force of strategically sound media advertising can achieve results that cannot be equaled by sales promotion or other marketing activities.

Given the greater effectiveness of new product advertising, one of the most common marketing mistakes is failure to take advantage of this inherent benefit i.But ultimately, whitepapers are the academic papers of marketing content.

Readers expect a high degree of expertise backed by solid research that is fully documented by references.

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Ebooks, on the other hand, are often extensions of a subject you cover regularly on a blog. Marketing Research White Papers. Free white papers and articles on different marketing research techniques.

Topics range from advertising research, to innovation, to concept testing and product testing, to win-loss evaluation. Marketing Research Library The top resource for free Marketing research, white papers, reports, case studies, magazines, and eBooks.

The result was a set of newly discovered insights that immediately informed marketing, operational and merchandising strategies. By leveraging its single-source digital behavior research panel with survey overlay capability, Luth Research enables brands and businesses to .

With data privacy on everyone’s mind it is important to understand your options when it comes to gathering multi-faceted market research insights. This whitepaper delves into a pragmatic approach for data integration and anonymization with rigorous adherence to data privacy.

Luth Research’s ZQ Intelligence provides three easy services that equip market researchers in various needs with the appropriate tools to embrace digital big data.

Marketing research whitepapers

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