Mc lyte paper thin

Contrary to popular perception, the ladies have been in the mix since day one. There were also women shaping the culture right alongside them, such as a crew from the BX known as The Mercedes Ladies who hosted their own jams, kicking some serious ballistics on the microphone with lyrics that were soaked with both bombastic and delicious flavors. The first prominent female MC was Sha Rock.

Mc lyte paper thin

Awww Im so happy for her. Thank God she gave of that lesbian lifestyle! Jussjess25 I still dont understand the concept, when people dont see you have anyone they think your gay?? Like what is the connection? There are plenty os gay couples in the world.

Mc lyte paper thin

Do they assume your seacretly liviinf a gay lifestyle thats why your gay I know plenty of happy gay couples. I seriously dont get it. FallenOne I met her once at a party. She was incredibly down to earth approachable and loving. Mc Lyte really sounded vulnerable and ready to fall for just about any "man" who came along.

Maybe there's a baby in the future. Hope everything works out. Shanice and Flex had been having hard times for years--a lot longer than that UnSung episode suggested.

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I've heard reality show rumors about Lyte from more than a couple of people. Oprah's name was mentioned. In any case, remember, I told you first. That said, I assumed if Lyte ever chose to hire a beard, she'd at least find a semi-good looking one. This man looks like a pet goat. And I doubt he's down for watching Lyte get it on with another broad, which I'm sure is gonna continue happening no matter what.

Hopefully they bring a strap-on for John because he looks like he enjoys a fat summer sausage himself. Sinny Keep in mind, this is pre-social media so evidence will come in the form of you being there; knowing someone closely associated to the situation and or gossip.

One thing I respect is she never felt the need to confirm or deny who she was with. I would've handled it the same way. I wish her nothing but happiness. She's the cutest little thing, and she actually has talent. Before Da Brat and so many other female artist that came after; there was Lyte.

A dope ass female emcee from Brooklyn. Sinny All Money Is Legal baby! Pamela She could pass ad Jada Pinkett-Smith older sister or aunt. Pamela Ima go as well and buy her a packpack as a wedding gift. Nessa Lil Mama is old school? Anunnaki Lol, just puttiing it out there, sits back a wait Anunnaki.At the tender age of 17, Brooklyn native MC Lyte first appeared on the scene with her debut album Lyte As A Rock.


Featuring classics like “I Cram to Understand You,” “Lyte as a Rock,” “Paper Thin,” “I Am Woman” and “10% Dis,” the album was celebrated by The Source as one the Best Rap Albums. Mc Lyte Net Worth is $8 Million.

MC Lyte is a rapper, actress and songwriter and has a net worth of $8 million. MC Lyte accumulated her net worth through her very successful career as a rapper and songwriter, as well as appearing in television shows. Mc Lyte appeared on the Rap / Hip Hop scene with the release of the album 'Lyte as a Rock' released on June 7, The single 'Paper Thin' quickly became a hit and made Mc Lyte one of the newest emerging performers at that time.

May 05,  · Download MC Lyte - Paper Thin mp3. Play MC Lyte mp3 songs for free. Find your favorite songs in our multimillion database of quality mp3s Author: Mp3ye. Read or print original Paper Thin lyrics updated! When you say you love me, it doesn't matter. / It goes to my head as just chit.

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