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Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Mankind, as expressed by the movie, was at the mercy of the machines, the bosses, and the clocks in order to obtain the needs of food and shelter. The machines become a motif from the beginning of the film.

Modern times chaplin essay help

It could not be farther from the truth that action speaks louder than words when it comes to him. Whereas his films lacked in speech, he overcompensated by being brilliantly funny. And so his legacy grows stronger each passing day and every successive generation is mesmerized by the comic genius that was Charlie Chaplin.

Charlie Chaplins Modern Times Essay Sample

He was particularly not thrilled with the concept of talkies in movies, as he believed talkies were a threat to the comical nature of soundless film. Although the first talkie movie, The Jazz Singer, had been created less than a decade before this movie, he had not yet adopted the concept.

modern times chaplin essay help

It was therefore the first time he used sound in film, which proved to be very successful and made Modern Times one of the best movies in film history. Shot induring the great depression in America, Chaplin used this movie to highlight the plight of average Americans during the depression era.

As the number of jobless people ballooned, the number of jobs reduced significantly and the prospects of getting jobs were next to none. To add to the issue of joblessness, companies were reverting to technology, as a way of cutting costs and increasing taxes.

From the onset of the movie, we can see that Chaplin pokes fun at the capitalist system and even likens humans going to work to sheep.

modern times chaplin essay help

As the movie begins, there is a herd of sheep crowding together. The scene suddenly switches to a large group of workers exiting the subway and rushing into the factory, where the president of the Electro-Steel Corp is in a serene office reading the paper.

He inspects his workers through a closed circuit television set and is constantly ordering Section 5, where The Tramp is located, to speed up the assembling process. In this scene Chaplin arouses the notion that capitalism has less regard for human life.


They are pushed to work at the speed of machines, which is detrimental to humans. Just like sheep, who have no form of control over their affairs, so do common people in a capitalist system.

They wake up early in the morning, rush to work for the rest of the day and go home in the evening. They spend most of their lives building wealth for the few at the top, while them the majority wallow in poverty.

Eventually when the pressure becomes too much for workers, errors and accidents are bound to occur, which may have dire consequences on them. This is vividly captured by Tramp who gets pulled into the wheels of a machine.

When he is pulled out, he goes through what may be considered professional hazard. He is subsequently taken to a mental hospital.

Once the system realizes that a worker is unfit for the strenuous work, it throws him out like the Tramp, who is relieved of his services by the company after his mental breakdown. As the working conditions become too much to bare, the workers will eventually down their tools and take to the streets to revolt.Modern Times is a American comedy film written and directed by Charlie Chaplin in which his iconic Little Tramp character struggles to survive in the modern, industrialized world.

The film is a comment on the desperate employment and financial conditions many people faced during the Great Depression, conditions created, in Chaplin's view, by .

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In the film 'Modern Times' written and directed by Charlie Chaplin, he attempts to keep up with the ever changing and improving modern, industrial society.

The machine in the film is a new invention and concept, one that is unfamiliar to the workers. Therefore, Chaplin’s Modern Times film analysis proves that it is a social commentary on effects of economic depression, albeit with a comical twist. From the onset of the movie, we can see that Chaplin pokes fun at the capitalist system and even likens humans going to work to sheep.

Charlie Chaplins Modern Times Essay Sample. Response 1Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times () Silent films were of huge proportion in the early ’s. Some of the films display this very well for example Modern Times staring Charlie Chaplin. One of the more well-known gangster films was The Public Enemy..

These films have very different views of the time period but still have things in common.

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