Pontrelli planning activities essay

The longer your class session, the more important it is to have a good lesson plan. Here are some tips to consider. Plan Alternative Activities Always have one or two alternative activities in case the material you've selected doesn't take all the time you thought it would.

Pontrelli planning activities essay

Provide alternative arrangements for pupils who will not be going on the trip. Inform the cafeteria staff if students will be away during the lunch hour. Submit a list of students who will be attending the field trip to other teachers if their schedules will be affected.

Collect the money for the trip and deposit it in your school's account. If required, send the advanced fee to the field trip site.

Pontrelli planning activities essay

Create a list of all student names and home phone numbers for use in an emergency. Preparing Students Before the Trip Discuss the purpose of the field trip and how it relates to the current unit of study.

Introduce visual observation skills.

Let students describe in detail ordinary objects, like a paper clip, paintbrush, clothespin, or comb to their classmates. Introduce vocabulary words that will be used by docents during the tour. Show photographs or posters of the field trip site or related to exhibits that will be viewed.

Assign students "specialists" roles in one aspect of the topic that they will be studying during the field trip. Students could be grouped in different subject areas related to the field trip topic to research e.

Explore the Website of the location you will be visiting. As a class brainstorm a set of standards of conduct for the trip and discuss suggested spending money, lunch plans, appropriate clothing to wear for the trip including gear for rainy weather.

Discuss with students how to ask good questions and brainstorm a list of open-ended observation questions to gather information during the visit.

Record questions on chart paper or in student field trip journals. Overview the field trip schedule.

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Final Planning Check all permission slips the day before the field trip. Conducting the Trip On the day of the trip: Pass out name tags Divide class into small groups and assign chaperones to groups Assign each student a partner Place a class list and student emergency forms in a folder Secure a cell phone if possible Take along an emergency kit Take inventory of food, specific equipment, and other supplies pertinent to the particular field trip Activities that will Occur During the Field Trip Plan activities that allow students to work alone, in pairs or small groups.

Adventure game "Journey to the World of Ask them to describe what they see, what they notice now that they missed before, and how their perspective changes with each new view Field notebooks for recording answers to prepared questions based on clues Hand drawn postcards to write near the end of the tour that will summarize the field trip visit Provide time for students to observe, ask questions, and record key words, ideas and phrases as journal entries in their Field book after viewing each exhibit Ask follow-up questions as students make observations and listen to presentations.

How are these two objects different from one another? What clues does this artifact provide about In what ways do these two objects relate to one another?

If you could change one thing in this exhibit, what would it be? Pretend you are an archaeologist in the future who is observing this object. What would you be able to conclude about the culture of the past? Expand the title or name of this object into a detailed caption sentence or paragraph in your Field book.

Describe the setting in which you might have found this object.


Which object will be of greatest value in a hundred years? List the objects in the exhibit order of the story they tell or usefulness. Which object took the most time and effort to produce?

Pretend you are a character in this exhibit. Tell us as much as you can about your life.Pontrelli Recycling Pontrelli Recycling, Inc. has a mission to “increase the efficiency of recycling usable materials in order to create a better environment for all,” and to “create value and a fair return on investment for shareholders” (Callahan, Stetz, and Brooks, ).

Pontrelli planning activities essay

About Pontrelli Marketing Pontrelli Marketing has created an Office Technology Marketing Foundation based on proven B2B Marketing Activities, Methodologies and Process inside the Document Industry.

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son planning produces more unified lessons (Jensen, ). It gives teachers the opportunity to think deliberately about their choice of lesson objectives, the types of activities that will meet these objectives, the sequence of those activities, the materials needed, how long each activity might take, and how students should be grouped.

Business Plan Activity Essay You are invited to complete a business plan activity. The business plan is designed to help you communicate what your business will look like as you start and what your goals are for the future.

Please review the instructions below. Business Plan Business Plan 1. Provide complete answers to each question. Project Plan Outline Through broadening the recycling potentialities and enhancing efficacy, Pontrelli Recycling Inc. is expecting to upsurge incomes. To make the project successful, it will be relevant to specify the different seven major planning activities involved in the project, assess project execution, efficacy, and placement with the financial plan of the company, and to show the.

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