Strategic marketing management assessment

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Strategic marketing management assessment

In the U. The newer member states to the EU have hurried in implementing the directive. Relationship with environmental impact Strategic marketing management assessment edit ] For the most part, an SEA is conducted before a corresponding EIA is undertaken.

This means that information on the environmental impact of a plan can cascade down through the tiers of decision making and can be used in an EIA at a later stage.

This should reduce the amount of work that needs to be undertaken. A handover procedure is foreseen.

Strategic Planning

Aims and structure[ edit ] The SEA Directive only applies to plans and programmes, not policies, although policies within plans are likely to be assessed and SEA can be applied to policies if needed and in the UK certainly, very often is.

The structure of SEA under the Directive is based on the following phases: The EU directive also includes other impacts besides the environmental, such as material assets and archaeological sites. In most western European states this has been broadened further to include economic and social aspects of sustainability.

SEA should ensure that plans and programmes take into consideration the environmental effects they cause. If those environmental effects are part of the overall decision taking it is called Strategic Impact Assessment.

Strategic marketing management assessment

It typically applies to regional and local, development, waste and transport plans, within the European Union. Some plans, such as finance and budget plans or civil defence plans are exempt from the SEA Directive, it also only applies to plans that are required by law, which excludes national government's plans and programs, as their plans are 'voluntary', whereas local and regional governments are usually required to prepare theirs.

In the UK, SEA is inseparable from the term ' sustainability ', and an SEA is expected to be carried out as part of a wider Sustainability Appraisal SAwhich was already a requirement for many types of plan before the SEA directive and includes social, and economic factors in addition to environmental.

Essentially an SA is intended to better inform decision makers on the sustainability aspects of the plan and ensure the full impact of the plan on sustainability is understood. The United Kingdom in its strategy for sustainable development, A Better Quality of Life Mayexplained sustainable development in terms of four objectives.

These headline objectives are usually used and applied to local situations in order to assess the impact of the plan or program. It required ratification by 16 States to come into force, which it did in July It is now open to all UN Member States. Besides its potentially broader geographical application globalthe Protocol differs from the corresponding European Union Directive in its non-mandatory application to policies and legislation — not just plans and programmes.

The Protocol also places a strong emphasis on the consideration of health, and there are other more subtle differences between the two instruments. New Zealand[ edit ] SEA in New Zealand is part of an integrated planning and assessment process and unlike the US is not used in the manner of Environmental impact assessment.

The Resource Management Act has, as a principal objective, the aim of sustainable management. SEA is increasingly being considered for transportation projects.

SEA meets the need to ensure environmental considerations are taken into account in this new aid context. Applying SEA to development co-operation provides the environmental evidence to support more informed decision making, and to identify new opportunities by encouraging a systematic and thorough examination of development options.

The document explains the benefits of using SEA in development co-operation and sets out key steps for its application, based on recent experiences.Learn strategic management exam 1 with free interactive flashcards.

Marketing Assessment

Choose from different sets of strategic management exam 1 flashcards on Quizlet. Strategic management process is a method by which managers conceive of and implement a strategy that can lead to a sustainable competitive advantage.

Strategic Marketing Management: Building a Foundation for Your Future 3 External Analysis Components External analysis involves an examination of the relevant. Strategic marketing management provides a comprehensive examination of all the major components of marketing strategies and their integration into organisations.

It is the basis for continued success in highly competitive markets.  Strategic Marketing Management Summative Assignment BUSI5B Word Count: Anonymous Code: Z Submission Date: 19/01/14 Personal Declaration Word Count: I confirm that this piece of work is as a result of my own work.

Material from the work of others not involved in the project has been acknowledged and quotations . Conducting a Strategic Assessment Systems problems and poor project management are also driving the price up.

The system map has therefore helped identify two internal issues that could prevent R&D versus marketing, etc.) is a great way to identify processes in need of strategic.

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