Strategy to maintain a competitive advantage ge capital aviation services gecas

A majority of the services are provided under multi-year programs for both military and commercial customers. The Company employs a large, skilled work force.

Strategy to maintain a competitive advantage ge capital aviation services gecas

Honeywell of the United States of America. THE PARTIES 3 GE is a diversified industrial corporation active in fields including aircraft engines, appliances, information services, power systems, lighting, industrial systems, medical systems, plastics, broadcasting through the NBC media channelfinancial services and transportation systems.

As a result, Honeywell will become a wholly owned subsidiary of GE.

Strategy to maintain a competitive advantage ge capital aviation services gecas

All shares of Honeywell common stock will be cancelled, retired and cease to exist. As a result of this acquisition, GE will acquire sole control of Honeywell, giving rise to a concentration within the meaning of Article 3 1 b of the Merger Regulation.

The notified operation therefore has a Community dimension. In these sectors, the transaction brings about significant horizontal, vertical and conglomerate effects. Product markets 1 Structure of the markets 9 Jet engines are the propulsion system of jet aircraft.

Competition in the jet engines markets takes place at two different levels. First, engines compete in order to be certified in a given airframe platform under development and second when airlines buying the aircraft platform select one of the available certified engines or when airlines decide on the acquisition of aircraft with different engines whether or not the aircraft offers an engine choice.

In the first case, engines compete in technical and commercial terms to power the specific platform; in the second, they compete also on technical and commercial grounds to be selected by the airline. Indeed, the demand for engines derives from the demand for jet aircraft.

In this sense, an engine is a complementary product to the aircraft, the sale of the one being of no value without the sale of the other. As a consequence, in defining the relevant jet engines product markets one needs to take into account also competition between the end-use applications, that is, between the types of aircraft that final buyers consider suitable.

These are the markets for large commercial aircraft i. Airframe manufacturers are not the same across the distinct aircraft markets. Finally, several others, such as Cessna, Gulfstream, Raytheon, Bombardier and Dassault, manufacture corporate jets.

Similarly, end-users of aircraft also differ from one aircraft market to another. For instance, large commercial aircraft and regional jets are purchased by airlines and leasing companies, whereas corporate jets are purchased by individuals or corporations and increasingly by airlines.

For this selection, they usually take into account, inter alia the technical capability of the engine and the prospective demand of the final customers. In particular, airline companies may have preferences for specific makes of engines that can maximise their fleet and engine commonality benefits.

Airframe manufacturers of large commercial aircraft often select more than one make of engine per platform. In doing so, they offer the purchaser of the aircraft the opportunity to choose among more than one makes of engines when it places the aircraft order. In addition to several large commercial aircraft platforms, engine exclusivity is the norm in regional and corporate jet aircraft.

Narrow-body or single-aisle aircraft have around to seats and are generally used to move passengers across medium distances to nautical miles as well as to move passengers from "spokes" or "feeder" airports to larger airports hubs in the case of flight connections.

Most of the flights within the Community are made with narrow-body aircraft.

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Wide bodies or double-aisle aircraft are larger and can fly longer routes. In the case of flight connections, hub airports use this type of aircraft to move passengers who have flown in from spokes to more remote, usually transcontinental, destinations.GE’s move on GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS), the world’s second-largest lessor, follows expressions of interest from some of its competitors, the sources said.

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In no way do i see Boeing dropping the BBD suits.

Strategy to maintain a competitive advantage ge capital aviation services gecas

The consolidated financial statements of General Electric Company (the Company) combine the industrial manufacturing and services businesses of General Electric Company (GE. Even if capital were available, the market for commercial aircraft is cyclical, sensitive to economic instability and extremely competitive, and we may encounter difficulties in .

In addition, the Transportation Financial Services business, previously reported in GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS), is included in Commercial Lending and Leasing (CLL) and our Consumer business in Italy, previously reported in Consumer, is included in CLL.

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