Terrorisim in nigeria

From that time on, terrorism has had a decidedly negative connotation. All terrorist acts involve violence or—equally important—the threat of violence.

Boko Haram Related News Nigeria has been ranked third of the countries of the world that have been worst hit by terrorist attacks, according to the Global Terrorism Index. Going by the latest ranking, Nigeria is only better than two largely Islamic countries — Iraq and Afghanistan — Terrorisim in nigeria were ranked first and second respectively.

Pakistan and Syria are ranked fourth and fifth to complete the top five most terrorised countries. The only African countries closer in ranking to Nigeria are Somalia and Libya which are in the eighth and ninth positions respectively. France, which recently experienced deadly terrorist attacks that killed about people in Paris, is ranked 36th, same as the United States of America.

The GTI report said Boko Haram, inwas also able to spread outside Nigeria to launch two deadly attacks in neighbouring Cameroon, killing people.

Although published in Novemberthe GTI report was produced from data gathered in InNigeria experienced the biggest yearly deterioration in terrorism on record, the report said. The number of people killed in Nigeria by terrorist attack in was 6, compared to the 1, killed in Unlike religious fanaticism which drives Boko Haram, the Fulani militants are driven by conflict over access and control of land between the semi-nomadic Fulani herdsmen and farmers in north-eastern Nigeria, the report said.

Nigeria, alongside four other countries — Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria — accounted for 78 per cent of lives lost globally in through terrorist attacks.

Of 20 most fatal terrorist attacks in the world innine of them took place in Nigeria. Boko Haram was responsible for eight of those nine attacks, while the Fulani militants were responsible for one which took place at Galadima where people were reportedly killed.

The worst terrorist attack in Nigeria inaccording to the GTI report, was in Kano city on November 28, when two suicide bombers and roadside bomb detonated at the Grand Mosque in the city.

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Boko Haram terrorists reportedly opened fire on worshippers fleeing the explosions. One hundred and twenty-two people were killed, while were injured.

Terrorisim in nigeria

Nigeria for several years now has been battling Boko Haram insurgency which is responsible for thousands of deaths in the northeast of the country. The number of people killed by terrorism around the world increased from 18, in to 32, in The increase is said to be the largest ever recorded.

Terrorisim in nigeria

The GTI score for a country in a given year is said to be based on unique scoring system to account for the relative impact of terrorism incidents in the year.The suicide terrorist attack, the largest ever on a Western target in Nigeria, has claimed at least 18 lives and injured dozens.

Boko Haram insurgents in Nigeria committed a massacre of unbelievable proportions in Borno State. Over the period of a few days, the terrorist group killed more than 2, people in the town of.

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With Saudi support, Islamic activists in Nigeria formed an organization called the “Society for the Removal of Innovation and Reestablishment of the Sunna,” or “Izala” for short. Ansaru is an Islamist terrorist organisation based in northern Nigeria, and is proscribed by the UK.

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It emerged in and is motivated by an anti-Nigerian Government and anti-Western agenda. There is terrorism in Nigeria because there is an enabling environment for it. IMV, the rise of BH's strong hold is a combination of missed opportunities, history and timing.

There is huge unemployment, high incidence of poverty and poor education in the North East, the now headquarters of the terrorist group.

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