The arctic

Tuniit or Tunit refers to the next inhabitants of central and eastern Arctic. The Dorset culture evolved because of technological and economic changes during the period of — BC. Scientists theorize that there may have been cross-contact of the two cultures with sharing of technology, such as fashioning harpoon heads, or the Thule may have found Dorset remnants and adapted their ways with the predecessor culture. Bythe Inuitpresent-day Arctic inhabitants and descendants of Thule culture, had settled in west Greenland, and moved into east Greenland over the following century.

The arctic

The climate within the Circle is very cold and much of the area is always covered with ice. In the summer months further south24 hours of sunlight a day melts the seas and topsoil, and is the main cause of icebergs breaking off from the frozen north and floating south, causing havoc in the shipping lanes of the north Atlantic.

The primary residents of the Arctic include the Eskimos InuitsSaami and Russians, with an overall population of all peoples exceeding 2 million. The indigenous Eskimos have lived in the area for over 9, years, and many have now given up much of their traditional hunting and fishing to work in the oil fields and the varied support villages.

The first explorers of the Arctic were Vikings.

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Norwegians visited the northern regions in the 9th century, and Erik the Red Icelander established a settlement in Greenland in Inafter numerous attempts by regional explorers, Robert E.

Peary reached the North Pole. Arctic Links Please find below several links with more information from World Atlas.

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The conversation is, in part, a matter of workplace attire deemed appropriate for men and women: Men can usually don a suit and feel perfectly comfortable in an arctic room.

— Julyssa Lopez, Glamour, "If You're Freezing in Your Office Right Now, Cynthia Nixon Can Relate," 29 Aug. There’s an icy blue arctic world and a nice, quiet lifeless planet.

The arctic

Arctic vegetation is composed of plants such as dwarf shrubs, graminoids, herbs, lichens, and mosses, which all grow relatively close to the ground, forming example of a dwarf shrub is the one moves northward, the amount of warmth available for plant growth decreases considerably.

Arctic: Arctic, northernmost region of the Earth, centred on the North Pole and characterized by distinctively polar conditions of climate, plant and animal life, and other physical features.

The term is derived from the Greek arktos (“bear”), referring to the northern constellation of the Bear.

The arctic

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