The changes in the characters in les miserables by victor hugo

A timid, shy man who nevertheless becomes a successful colonel under Napoleon. She still obeys him in every way, however.

The changes in the characters in les miserables by victor hugo

Attempts to escape have kept him in the galleys for nineteen years before he is released in Police Inspector Javert is sure he will be back, for his passport, proclaiming him an ex-convict, keeps him from getting work. Eventually, calling himself Father Madeleine, a man with no previous history, he appears in the town of M.

His discovery of a method for making jet for jewelry brings prosperity to the whole village, and the people elect him mayor. Then his conscience forces him to confess his former identity to save a prisoner unjustly arrested.

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Again he escapes from the galleys and from Inspector Javert, until he is betrayed by a blackmailer. In the end, he dies peacefully, surrounded by those he loves and with his entangled past revealed.

Fantine Fantine fahn-TEENa beautiful girl of Paris whose attempts to find a home for her illegitimate daughter Cosette have put her into the power of money-mad M. By this time, she is dying of tuberculosis. Father Madeleine promises to look after eight-year-old Cosette.

She is seen and loved by a young lawyer, Marius Pontmercy; but Valjean, fearing he will be compelled to reveal her story and his own if she marries, plans to take her away.

Cosette hears from Pontmercy again as she is about to leave for England with her supposed father. She sends him a note that brings his answer that he is going to seek death at the barricades.

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Javert zhah-VEHRa police inspector with a strong sense of duty that impels him to track down the man whom he considers a depraved criminal. Finally, after Valjean saves his life at the barricades, where the crowd wants to kill him as a police spy, he struggles between his sense of duty and his reluctance to take back to prison a man who could have saved himself by letting the policeman die.

His solution is to drown himself in the Seine. A farewell letter from Cosette sends him to die at the barricade during a street revolt. After he has been wounded, Valjean saves him by carrying him underground through the sewers of Paris.

Eventually, Marius marries Cosette and learns, when the old man is dying, the truth about Jean Valjean. Later, he changes his name to Jondrette and begins a career of begging and blackmail while living in the Gorbeau tenement in Paris.

Jean Valjean becomes one of his victims.

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He even demands money to let Valjean out of the sewers beneath Paris while Valjean is carrying wounded Marius Pontmercy to a place of safety. In love with Marius, she saves his life by interposing herself between him and a musket during the fighting at the barricade.

Before she dies, she gives him a letter telling where Cosette can be found. Azelma Azelma ah-zehl-MAHtheir younger daughter. He is killed while assisting the insurgents in the fighting at the barricade. His saintliness turns Valjean to a life of honesty and sacrifice. One day his horse falls, and the old man is pinned beneath his cart.

The accident might have proved fatal if Father Madeleine, a man of tremendous strength, had not lifted the vehicle to free the trapped carter.

This feat of strength, witnessed by M. Javert, causes the policeman to comment significantly that he has known only one man, a galley slave, capable of doing such a deed. After his accident, the old man becomes a gardener at the convent of the Little Picpus in Paris. Jean Valjean and Cosette, fleeing from the police, take refuge in the convent garden.Les Misérables by Victor Hugo.

Home / Literature / Les but the level of all-seeing power (or omniscience) that Victor Hugo claims in this book actually changes as we move from the early chapters to the later ones. it means that he backs up everything he tells us about his characters with evidence.

When he has no evidence to give, he. A list of all the characters in Les Misérables. The Les Misérables characters covered include: Jean Valjean, Cosette, Javert, Fantine, Marius Pontmercy, M. Myriel.

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Les Misérables is a novel by Victor Hugo. It was published in Hugo based some of his characters on the lives of real people. Jean Valjean changes his name to M.

The changes in the characters in les miserables by victor hugo

Madeline and becomes a factory owner and the town's mayor. One of his workers is named Fantine. She had a child called Cosette who lives with an evil innkeeper. Character List Bookmark this page Manage My Reading List Monseigneur Charles François-Bienvenu Myriel Saintly bishop whose compassionate treatment causes the reformation of the ex-convict Valjean.

Les Misérables () is a sprawling epic by Victor Hugo, the seeds of which can be found in some of his earlier, shorter works, such as his novel(la) Le Dernier Jour d'un Condamné, which also treats upon the subject of the penal system in France and includes a character that resembles what could later be called an AU-style has been adapted to the small and big screen numerous.

Les Misérables is a six-part BBC television adaptation of the French historical novel of the same name by Victor Hugo. The series is adapted by Andrew Davies and directed by Tom Shankland.

It stars Dominic West, David Oyelowo and Lily Collins. [1].

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