Thesis on financial management in the public sector

Background All nations around the world seek better standards of living for their people by providing goods, works, and services in adequate quantities and at affordable prices.

Thesis on financial management in the public sector

Thesis on Management Introduction Historically in America two different institutional approaches to management science have developed: Recently, this conventional taxonomy has been challenged, and around the country there has been emerging a more generic approach to management.

In response to this, public administration theorists have developed a new body of literature emphasizing the differences between the two sectors.

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The central purpose of this paper is to explore the relationship between public sector and private sector management within the context of available literature. As such, the key substantive issue discussed here is whether there is an inherent conflict between the rational, private management model with its criteria of economic efficiency and the political public management model with its criteria of consensus and compromise.

In particular, these efforts suggest that public managers should seek to emulate the supposedly successful techniques of their private sector counterparts. Indeed, this formula for public sector success predates recent reform movements, and has been a recurring theme in public policy.

For example, the reform movement in American municipal government during the early decades of the twentieth century emphasized the benefits of business-like behavior Welch and Bledsoe, However, the adoption of private sector models has been viewed with much skepticism in the literature on public administration and public management.

This paper begins by providing definitions of public and private organizations. Following the definitions, the discussion will continue with an examination of the similarities between public and private administration.

Thesis on financial management in the public sector

Since both public and private sector administration involve the management of organizational resources, elements of the managerial environment will be the same for both public and private managers.

The discussion of similarities will be followed by an examination of the important differences between the two administrative settings.

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Although some administrative activities are common to both public and private sectors, major differences are also evident. In this paper, the theoretical arguments on the differences between private firms and public agencies are reviewed and four hypotheses are identified on the impact of public administration on organizational environments, goals, structures, and managerial values.

Evidence from several theoretical studies of differences between public agencies and private firms is critically evaluated.

All four of the hypotheses are supported by a majority of the theoretical arguments.


Evidence of the distinctiveness of public management was gathered in two main stages. Second, journal articles, books, and book chapters cited in the sources identified in stage one were obtained.

The results summarized below may, therefore, overstate the distinctiveness of public organizations, on the assumption that papers are more likely to be published if they present differences rather than similarities.

Definitions of Public and Private Organizations Public and private have been used for centuries in relation to fundamental issues and values in society Perry and Rainey, Dictionaries cite the origins of public in the Latin word for people, and define it as referring to matters pertaining to the people of a community, nation, or state.Financial management is one of the several functional areas of management but it is the center to the success of any business.

Inefficient financial management, combined with the. The study of public financial management is essential to improving the practice of public management and to our understanding of the politics and organization.

This paper begins to respond to this lack in the literature by critically assessing research on public sector accounting and financial management in .

Thesis on financial management in the public sector

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Impact of Effective Internal Audit Functions on Public Sector Management and Accountability in Edo State, Nigeria Onatuyeh, E. A. an instrument to improve public sector management and accountability in Edo and the expression of an opinion on the financial statements of an enterprise by an appointed auditor, in accordance with his terms.

Measurement of sustainability performance in the public sector Posted on February 2, · by Carol A Adams, Stephen Muir and Zahirul Hoque published in the Sustainability Accounting, Management .

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