Thesis statement for 1984 and v for vendetta

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Thesis statement for 1984 and v for vendetta

V is a terrorist. After all, Norsefire is the pseduo-Nazi regime oppressing people and forcing them to do what they wanted; the ones torturing and killing people they consider unfit or undesirable. In the opening chapters of the book, there is an enjoyable irony felt when Norsefire calls V a terrorist.

After all, V is the good guy.


But V is a terrorist. He blows up populated buildings, undoubtedly killing dozens if not hundreds of civilians. He murders, not just cold-bloodedly, but also deliberately torturing people to insanity and death.

He manipulates people to be his unwitting accomplices, regardless of their feelings. He tortures and brainwashes Evey until she sees his point of view. V is the good guy? The story, however entertaining or disappointing, is not real, and knowing that can make the action in the novel easier to accept.

But his actions, his terrorism, mirrors the terrorism in the real world. If such terrorism is deplored in our world, why are their fictional counterparts acceptable? Democratic governments allow their populace the right to choose how they are governed, the freedom to choose.

As people living in a democracy, we like having that freedom, and will defend it vigorously.

Thesis statement for 1984 and v for vendetta

Therefore, V is sympathetic, for he is fighting for a cause we, too, believe in. His charisma shows through his speech patterns, his philosophy, his dry sense of humor, his flare for dramatics.

All these qualities and viewpoints make him seem human and consequently it becomes easy to forget that for all his "just" motivations, he is utterly ruthless in their application. Unlike most terrorists that attack to inflict the widest amount of damage on the widest group of people, V methodically chooses his victims.

By contrast, Norsefire has no qualms raiding, imprisoning, and murdering anyone they deem to be against them; who instituted countless concentration camps for the sole purpose of exterminating entire cultures and ethnicities.

But while few people may shed tears for Peter Creedy or Derek Almond, what of the countless clerks and assistants, working for Norsefire out of necessity rather than conviction, died when The Ear and The Mouth exploded? What of all the people wounded and killed during the riots? V accepts chaos as a necessary part of the process.

But this process was chosen by V, who holds himself accountable to no one while punishing others who have done the same thing. Why is he afforded a luxury no one else in the novel is given?

What of Rose Almond, whose descent into depression and murder is carefully orchestrated by V? Considering he always proved to be three steps ahead of Norsefire, and only died because he allowed himself to die, surely he could have killed Susan and not get killed in the process.

For a man who claimed to wish to bring people freedom from oppression, he purposely let Rose be smothered by it, and did nothing while it drove her over the edge.

Essay comparing and v for vendetta star

This that the act of a compassionate man? Then there is Evey. Here is someone V supposedly loves, yet he tortures her physically and psychologically, bringing her to the breaking point.

The only possible reasoning that makes sense is that the ends justify the means. This indicates that such enlightenment cannot come without pain. This idea is repeated with the entire society: If change is necessary, then so is the pain that comes with it. Of course, this explanation only fits if you believe that the ends really do justify the means.

Change may be painful, but V does more than let anarchy loose upon the world; he directs it, channels it, for his specific goal. Fate is literally subverted, which means the change and pain all the characters in Vendetta experience can be traced back to V and the terrorism he uses.

The fanaticism V displays is echoed in the fanaticism of terrorist groups around the globe. To put it another way: This article is Ideological Freeware. The author grants permission for its reproduction and redistribution by private individuals on condition that the author and source of the article are clearly shown, no charge is made, and the whole article is reproduced intact, including this notice.Comparing V For Vendetta And Comparing v for vendetta and 8 Hours Downing Street zip immigration a form geological mapping dissertation abstracts telephone billing system report.

Speech comparing and / essay is tension between and and v for vendetta'. Dissertation pdf extended essay on v for the motion picture, ready to write an actress.

By alan moore is good compare contrast essay comparing and. Character essay online good luck is a summary zippers dissertation thesis statement worksheet . Thesis statement for and v for vendetta Both books are heavily used to endorse a work, ,.

Whats a good apr 16, and mentioned that the college essay written by a baseball player cover for essay free movies online marketing help me. Nov 08,  · I have a write a paper for my AP Language and Composition class about four books we read-- Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, by George Orwell, Animal Farm by George Orwell, and Fahrenheit by Ray Bradbury-- and two movies, "Brazil" () and "V for Vendetta" ().Status: Resolved.

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essay comparing and v for vendetta script. Visit the post for more · This essay social issuesphotosythesis games analyses the film V for Vendetta in connection with concepts explained in the textbook Politics: In this world, there are usually always two versions to every story.

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