Undertake agreed pressure area care

His point was that relationships had to have a purpose and just building them just for the sake of it was not sufficiently professional. While I had some sympathy for his view I was also a bit troubled by it in that it was expressed at a time when social work was beginning to move in the direction of practices that seemed to be almost entirely instrumental and could be delivered through an expanding array of programmed interventions. The positive form of that relationship, according to MacMurray, goes by many names:

Undertake agreed pressure area care

I would like to thank Rod Ruffa Rodrigo of Argentina for the photographs and input into this page. Rod's problem was on his steering, where he has excessive movement both up and down and sideways on his steering wheel.

As a result, and armed with information gleaned from the baby-benz. Having re-torqued this setting his car is now OK. When the components in this section of the column are assembled with the top of the column secured, the UJ is slid onto the shaft which puts pressure on the jacket tube this has the effect of tightening the bearing, at which point the UJ is secured by the UJ bolt.

In Rod's case the upper bolt had obviously loosened and had allowed the UJ and concaved retaining clip to slid which in turn took the torque of the bearing, with the result that excessive movement was felt at the steering wheel. Rod's line drawing shows the bearing below, in situ at the top of the column.

New bearing A Purchased but not required. However Rod's problem could be turned into a photo opportunity and I asked him if would while, undertaking the job take some photographs which he agreed to do.

I am not going to cover the complete job undertaken but will cover the points common to both versions of the A Class. My regular visitors will be aware I have tried to stay loyal to the A Face-lift model, and to break with the rule now would only confuse the situation. I will however hold them on file and make them available if an owner suffers the same fate I have therefore only covered the removal of the steering wheel, clock spring, and combination switch the procedures for which are common the both versions.

You are advised not to undertake repairs to this section of the vehicle unless you have a good working knowledge of the vehicle and have the necessary technical information available and to hand.

This e-mail was received Sept 08 from an owner with the same problem and was able to sort the job himself, with of course the help of 'Rod's' information received much earlier Thanks for a brilliant web-site, Lofty.

I will add his mail which may help others if they have the same problem. My problem seemed similar to Rod's - I had some sideways play in the steering column, although strangely none in the steering itself, as the vehicle steered perfectly. The steering wheel had no rotational play at all, it was nice and tight - even the tiniest rotational pressure on the steering wheel while driving reached the wheels, and the vehicle turned.

However, when you waggled the steering wheel without turning it, it moved a little, from side to side or up and down, with also a bit of fore and aft movement towards my feet and chest, and a gentle clunking feeling when you did these things. My favourite Rottweiler MOT tester pointed this out, but said he would not at present call this a steering fault because it wasn't, yet, but recommended attention because it would probably get worse rather than better, and then it probably would become an MOT fault.

I think he was being nice this year, but wouldn't be next time. The car is my lady's A petrol Long Wheel base May registered "03" - Face-Lift version of the A-class Elegance Auto, 27, miles total - surely it can't be worn steering at this low mileage?

However, the bearing fixing, just uphill behind the plastic document holder under-panel towards the driver, could clearly be felt and seen to be loose and wobbly - apparently the same problem as experienced by Rod.Compliance Cloud.

Undertake agreed pressure area care

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