Why i chose airline pilot personal

The radio was so damn busy that it was seriously starting to interfere with my concentration and the holding pattern I was sorely attempting to master. Which just happened to be where we were, since the VOR is located at the airport. The Learjet pilot had a noticeable Midwestern drawl.

Why i chose airline pilot personal

But then I met Sally, her name printed on an aluminum placard in red Sharpie on the wide end of a fixture used to build tail booms at Enstrom Helicopter in Menominee, Michigan. Curious, I asked Dan Nelson about it. Was this the work of some unknown wag, an aeronautical version of Kilroy was Here?.

Taking a moment, he carefully put down his Cleco pliers and explained that Sally was the name of the piston-powered helicopter just conceived at the factory. Expectant parents often name the nugget of their baby to give it an identity, to make it more than a bump, to connect on a more intimate, personal level.

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Like all parents, the customers who take the newborn Enstrom home have the naming rights. The welders work with pre-notched tubing, he explained, and the three weeks includes their final fitting, sand blasting, multiple inspections, and a light skim coat of primer that makes imperfections stand out.

Just around the corner, in the composite shop, Tom Retlick is laying up the some seats that combine different layers of foam and glass that work in concert to provide lightweight rigidity, comfort, and a degree of energy absorption.

Each of them was knowledgeable and friendly, and prompted by my questions, they eagerly shared their knowledge in terms neither patronizing nor overtly technical. As a group, their personality was one of proud parenthood. This item caught my eye.

Housed in Hangar 2 at Smith Field Airport, the museum will feature interactive and hands-on exhibits that will give visitors a deeper understanding and appreciation of the trials and tribulations of the pilots and those who supported them.

It will also be home to EAA Chapter 2, a gift shop, and a uniquely themed dining experience. Hangar 2 is itself a bit of history. To quote the website: The Carousel Hangar, although outside the period of significance defined for Smith Field, is the only example of Clark W.

The hangar is characterized by an innovative rotating carousel door. Born on February 27, in Fort Wayne, he died on February 12,the second overnight mail service pilot to die on duty.

His parents mortgaged their home in so Art could build his first plane. Teaching himself to fly, he crashed on its first flight. Aviation as we know it today would not exist without the people who created the airmail system and made it work.

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That they deserve national recognition should be beyond question. We could not caress the dive brakes of an SBD-2 Dauntless dive bomber that witnessed the attach on Pearl Harbor, and fought in the battle of Midway. Looking at them today, imbued with the national worship of veterans, some might be critical of the decisions that led to these veterans of the greatest generation spending four of five decades in the depths of Lake Michigan.

But the decision-makers of the time were not so constrained. They had a war to fight and win, and that pragmatism overruled all other considerations. And those who appreciate history should thank them for it.

Facing the carrier qualification for thousands of naval aviators and the vulnerability of the ships providing such training in the Pacific, Atlantic, or Gulf of Mexico, training in Lake Michigan seemed the most logical solution.

Focused on the goal at hand, the Navy certainly expected and planned for training accidents.Hearst Television participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on purchases made through our links to retailer sites. Fly High With the Best Answers to Airline Pilot Interview Questions.

Answering Personal Questions. your life outside of aviation and why you chose to become a pilot. You will likely be asked to tell about yourself, your reasoning behind your chosen career field, where you see yourself in 5 years and what you can bring to their company.

The pilot shortage began when deregulation pulled us all away from small town airports. Flying is, and will always be, expensive and demanding because it is. It can be a hobby or profession, but whether you pay for it, or it pays you, it is an industry that demands respect and self-discipline from.

If you’ve ever experienced a flight disruption and claimed your compensation with an airline, you were most probably confronted with a term extraordinary circumstances at least once.

Why i chose airline pilot personal

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Why i chose airline pilot personal
Is There Such a Thing as a Pilot Personality?