William pitt

India[ edit ] His administration secure, Pitt could begin to enact his agenda.

William pitt

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William pitt

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William Pitt, the Younger: William Pitt, the Younger, British prime minister (–, –06) during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars. He had considerable influence in strengthening the office of the prime minister. William Pitt was the second son of William Pitt, 1st earl of Chatham, a famous statesman of.

William Pitt the Younger is an illuminating biography of one of the great iconic figures in British history: the man who in at the age of twenty-four became (and so remains) the youngest Prime Minister in the history of England.

It appears William Pitt's last prescription was written out on January 21, - two days before his death. A 'Mr. Edwards, Surgeon at Putney' was involved in Pitt's case, along with Sir Walter Farquhar (Pitt's usual physician from the mids onwards), Matthew Baillie (a nephew of the Hunter family), and Henry Revell Reynolds.

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William Pitt the elder, later Earl of Chatham, had won great glory in his first ministry, which had laid the basis of victory in the Seven Year's War. He had resigned in , and was absent from the House when the Stamp Act was passed. Although he firmly upheld Parliament's right to legislate for.

St. George William Lane Fox-Pitt was born on 14 September He was the son of Lt.-Gen. Augustus Henry Fox-Pitt-Rivers and Hon. Alice Margaret benjaminpohle.com married Lady Edith Gertrude Douglas, daughter of John Sholto Douglas, 9th Marquess of Queensberry and Sibyl Montgomery, on 25 March 1 He died on 6 April at age 1 He was given the name of St.

George William Lane .

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