Write essay my best holiday

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Write essay my best holiday

My granny bought it in Mexico. It was very expensive and I was even afraid to ride it for a while. However, I managed to do this. There were a lot of smiles and happy moments that day. My guests started to come to the party.

My parents have ordered a clown and my friends and I have been playing different games with him. I have got lots of presents: All the time I was showing new and new presents for my granny and she was smiling to me with her broad smile.

She was so pleased to see my happiness and positive emotions.

write essay my best holiday

This was the last birthday, when I could see my granny. That birthday was special for me not only because I have seen my granny, but it was the line between my childhood and so-called adultery. The thing is that when my mother said about the major present, all that time I was trying to guess what it would be.

I was hoping to receive big traansformer or some other toy. I was thinking all the time about some material childish presents. However, everything turned out at the moment, when I saw my granny. From that moment, the miracle for me had changed. Before, I was waiting my birthdays just because of the presents, the toys, the books and the games, from that day and till now.

Nowadays, I am also waiting for my birthday; however the miracle is different for me now. Even though it seemed to be a very sad story, however, it taught me a lot. I mean, due to that birthday I appreciate family relationships. When my peers are spending their birthday party organizing a great party with a lot of people and loud music, for me the best way to spend this day is with my family.

Now I try to visit my family, those people whom I love, as much as possible. My birthday became a good tradition in our family, and a chance to meet with the whole family at least once in a year. The next day I meet with my friend, because they are also a crucial part of my life.

The miracle always happens on my birthday, because all the family is gathering together, laughing and sliming, the same as once my granny did, and this is the miracle.My Best Holiday essay writing service, custom My Best Holiday papers, term papers, free My Best Holiday samples, research papers, help.

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And one of the best holiday celebrations ever was ead feter which we celebrate it for many reasons. One major reason of this holiday is to break the fast after thirty days without eating from the sunrise till sunset.

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